Friday, October 1, 2010

Retainer wall

While waiting for Metricon to do the soil test and get through the paper work we had the excavator/landscaper do the retainer wall in our future back yard. It was a job we had planned to do after the house was built, but the landscaper suggested to do it now as It would be difficult to get the machines in the back yard once the house is up. I think it looks great. I am getting excited again to see the progress. Metricon had a date to start on October 22nd. I am hoping for an earlier start....always good to be optimistic.

New Fence

The new fence looks great, much neater than what we had previously. The block is now ready for the builders to start building, but there is more paperwork to do! The block needs to have the levels done to check they are correct and another soil test is required. Then I believe the building permit needs to be finalised with council and Metricon need to finalise any variations. I was informed the soil test and levels were done last week, so hopefully we will be ready to start soon. M have added into our contract an extra costn of $1,950.00 to extend the fixed price period. This is to be removed unless we hold up the build. To date Metricon have had many delays and have assured us that those delays will not result in any extra fees, so we will make sure that extra fee is removed!


The excavation was a huge job! The excavator worked on the block long hours removing dirt, digging up the roots of a massive pine tree, the wires from an old swimming pool and levelling the land.
The old fence in this photo above was also replaced, which was also arranged by the excavator and done within days.