Monday, March 21, 2011

I went past the house today, and I was so excited to see the tiler starting, the stone bench tops being installed AND the rendering to the front of the house being done. We are getting render to the front posts and back posts only, as it was part of the promotion. The painter has been in the house for the past couple of weeks, and its looks lovely inside with the whole place painted. I will take some pics next time I am there, of the freshly painted walls.  DMFAN, I spoke with our SS this morning and we have an estimate time when it will be complete.......late April, early May!! In the meantime I am organising the septic tank to be installed. A bit of work needs to be done in the front yard before it can be installed though (in the little spare time we have!)
Thanks Tonia and Kim! I am sure you would agree, it not easy choosing colors. I do know that the dark will date, but I really like it, and unless going all white, most things date. Good luck with your build!!
main bathroom

Powder room

Pantry. One of the main reasons we upgraded the size of the house was so we could have a butlers pantry!

Front door. The timber doors and windows have been stained charcoal. Photos next week with the stain.

Over sized ensuite!

Alfresco area.
I will probably go past the house this afternoon if I have time, to see the bench tops. There is still lots to do, but we are getting so close now!