Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Are we there yet....?

So much has progressed at the house! The photos will show all the updates. We will probably have hand over at the beginning of June. To date, we have been happy with the progress  (ahead of time) and quality. The painter did a fantastic job and all fittings and fixtures look great! Obviously Metricon need to do an inspection and we also do a thourough inspection before handover. We just paid our big bill for our new septic system (ouch), so once the electrician connects it to power, we will be able to use the toilets and water. We are so excited to be moving in....... very soon!!

Ensuite, with feature tiled wall, and other tiling complete. Shower screens to be installed.

Kitchen is almost complete, with splashback to be installed this week.

Front door. We choose charcoal for all staining.....nice.

Laundry, not exciting for many people but it is for me, because we never had one before.

Bath in main bathroom. Tiles are the same throughout all wet areas.

Main bathroom, after mirrow was installed.