Monday, August 9, 2010

Moving Home

They say that moving is a very stressful event...... really??  I have just recovered. We have moved out of our home of 6 years, so that we can take the next step of abolishing our power before demolishing the house. There were 140 boxes approximately, as I was told. It feels like a never ending job. 3 trips to the salvos and lots of things for the bin. We have moved to a 2 bedroom accomodation, that has no wardrobes and no cupboards, besides in the kitchen. So we have 6 porta robes and a few chester drawers. It has been such a challenge to downsize dramatically. And our 40 year old house was only small. We had to put most of our things in storage.
If it weren't for the great removalists we would still be packing today. They were fantastic, thanks Jamo and Prince removalists! On Friday they spent 4 hours packing boxes and taking furniture that was taken to storage. Then they came back early Saturday morning and spent most of the day loading the truck, packing and then unloading on the other end.
We have now settled in, with only the shoes to deal with, they are still in a box!

Tomorrow we are signing our contract!! We signed our preliminary contract on April 1st. So much work has been put into the planning since then. Council documents, color selections at studio M, electrical selection and more. I decided to start this blog once we received our town planning permit. So as I blog the process I may include what we have been through in the previous months to get to where we are at the moment.

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