Thursday, June 23, 2011


I have been planning to write this blog for weeks, but there never seems to be enough hours in my day. We have been talking about handover for a few weeks now but there have been a few obstacles in our way. Firstly we had to get a septic system in and approved by council. Unfortunately council requested more irrigation lines than we had installed and an alarm attached to our pump in case the pump stops working. Before that was finalised we took a short holiday. Timing was not the best, but my husband won a holiday to Paris and we had to take it before a certain date (lucky I know). We had the time of our life, a family holiday we will never forget!! Back to the house.....On return from our 2 weeks away we took off from where we left. Waiting to have items in the house fixed and finalising septic system to have it approved by council. The septic is now complete and approved, but items in the house are not finished. I have read through a number of other blogs tonight and it seems to be the same with most houses. The finishing touches are........below average. That is the same in our house. One item I noticed only today at the house is in the powder room. When it was first completed it looked FANTASTIC. Now it looks....disappointing. The basin was the wrong one, so it was removed and a new one was installed. The old basin was placed on the laminate bench. It sat there for weeks. Today we noticed it had been taken away and there is a chip remaining in the laminate. Yes it will be replaced (we believe). The silicone around the new basin installed is also very poor. I did not mention it to our SS because I am learning the pattern with items needing fixing. They don't necessarily look better than the item before it was broken, chipped or out of alignment. Crazy I know. Unfortunately, when at this stage its hard to think of all the good things about the house, because all of the focus goes towards the items that need fixing. After settlement I will fix the silicone myself, it's less stressful that way. My biggest concern I have at the moment is the flute to the range hood. It has lots of finger marks on it at the moment so it's hard to see if there is actually a dent, if it's bowed or if it's OK. It doesn't look anything like the display home at the moment.
 In a positive, we received our certificate of occupancy today and after meeting with our SS and manager today, we are planning to have handover next Tuesday, after all our items (except outdoor render and paint due to weather) have been fixed. I am excited but nervous. Nervous because I don't want to get a set of keys to a house that is not up to standard.


  1. Can i ask who you dealt with at Metricon?

    We are looking to build the same home in South Morang.


  2. Hi Glentb, Our site supervisor is Alan. Great guy,very informative and prompt with replys and questions. Good luck with your build! Sonia