Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 38 - Frame almost complete

It has been an exciting week after seeing the frame up. As there was no progress at the beginning of the week, we felt a bit disheartened because we spent so long in the process of completing necessary documents and had too many experiences of time delays.We have been told the build is so much more efficient than the paperwork, and now I would have to agree. After  a few days of wild weather, the frame still went ahead. My SS stated they wanted to complete the frame by Saturday 4th, these photos were taken on Friday. The girls and I had a walk through and they had fun choosing their future bedrooms. It was good to see the sizes of the rooms. The front lounge and future cinema room are larger than I expected, but all other rooms are as I thought, all average sized rooms. We upgraded to higher ceilings of 2.7mm, the highest M will go with the ceilings, well worth the upgrade to a house I think.  The trusses are being delivered and installed next week. If all goes well we will have the roof on before Christmas!

looking down the corridor, kitchen to the left, entrance on the right and garage door with internal access at the end.  

Olivia 'resting on her future bed'

Tiana 'tidying her future bedroom'

Garage on the left, bedrooms and the kitchen, looking onto the backyard

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