Friday, November 19, 2010

So much has happened since site start, but we have been so busy I have not had any spare time to blog the progress. We met our site supervisor, and he is great! Thorough and informative.
Tim, regarding the retainer wall, just click on comments for my response, being new to blogging I am not sure how to show the comments, yet. The slab was due last week but after a visit from council and the septic guy, we needed to get the new septic tank in before the slab went down, otherwise they would have needed a crane to install it later. Unfortunately we are still on septic where we are....another large expense! Thank goodness the septic guy was able to get it in within a few days, and that was after our helpful excavator was able to move the huge mountain of soil. So remaining to be installed is the sand and filter system and the irrigation lines throughout the garden, which can be done at a later date. Within days Metricon had dug out the huge holes, had the pipes installed and erected the new electrical switchboard. Our SS told us the concrete was being poured on Friday 19th! We went in time to see some of the action, very exciting. And of course we were back there today to take some photos of the slab completed.

This is the from back of the house.

This is from the front of the house looking onto the garage.

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